Mission Statement

Laundry Love is a neighboring movement that partners with individuals, groups and laundromats to care for the poor, vulnerable and marginalized throughout the U.S.

Just show up with your laundry and bedding. We don't ask for evidence of "financial need." We serve all who can benefit from our assistance. No questions asked. 

The Laundry Love National Program

Laundry Love believes that through the neutral space of a laundromat, every guest and stranger can become a friend. 

Learn more about Laundry Love’s national program by clicking here

Even Pope Francis has a laundromat to serve the poor. Click here to view a video.


How Laundry Love Citrus Heights Got Started--Our Story

At a morning breakfast, group of men were discussing what they could do to help their neighbors who are homeless or are struggling financially. It was November, and it was wet and cold outside. One idea was to buy warm socks for the homeless.

A man at an adjacent booth stopped by and introduced himself saying, "Excuse me. I happened to overhear your conversation about how to help the homeless. I am homeless. I don't need more socks. I need a place to wash my socks--and my clothes. Doing laundry is expensive. My clothes are dirty. I can't expect to ever get a job wearing dirty clothes."

The men learned about Laundry Love and the group agreed to work to begin a Laundry Love in Citrus Heights. Debbie, the owner of Citrus Heights' Paradise Coin Wash was anxious to support us. 

Laundry Love Citrus Heights started in December 2016. Our operations changed during COVID-19 between April 2020 and June 2021. Now, we are back working on the second Saturday of each month. Hopefully, this won't changer.