LLCH is still operating, but there are changes due to the Corona Virus. 


You can pick up a $20 Paradise Laundry Club Card on June 12 between 8am and 9am. Read below for details. 

Stay safe!!

Changes During the Corona Virus Pandemic   April 27, 2021

Landry Love Citrus Heights will not be able to serve our neighbors like we have duringour three-plus years at Paradise Coin Wash because of he Corona Virus. But, we are still here to help!


LLCH will  give or mail you a $20 Paradise Laundry Club Card** that you can use to help pay for your laundry and then reactivate the same card monthly until this pandemic ends. One card per household, please! To get a card, either:

1.  Go to Paradise Coin Wash, 7345 Greenback Lane (see map below) on Saturday, June 12, 2021 from 8 am to 9am and, and pick up a Paradise Laundry Club Card. If you do not have a mailing address, this is the only way we can safely get you  a Club Card.


2.  If youi have a Mailing Address, you can also go to our Contact Us page, fill out your Name, email, and phone number. Under Subject, type "Club Card." In the Message box, you must include your mailing address. Click Send. Or email us your mailing mailing address at: LLCH will mail you a Club Card. 

3. You can also get a Club Card from the Citrus Heights Navigator, Toni Morgan. Call Toni at (916) 533-3069 to find a time to meet Tony and pick up your card.

**The Club Card will not work at Paradise Coin Wash, but it will work at any of three Paradise Laundry stores at the following locations: 

7601 Sunrise Blvd. No. 1

Citrus Heights 



500 Cirby Way, Suite B




105 Ascot Dr. Suite A




This is a Paradise Laundry Club Card that you can receive as described in the article Changes During the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Reactivate Your Card to $20

April 27, 2021

If you already have a Club Card and it is out of money, don’t throw it away!


 LLCH and Paradise Laundry will add up to $20 back to your card if you act BY JUNE 9. Either:

--call/text our office at (916) 690-7777, or,

--go to the CONTACT US page and leave us your name and 8-digit Club Card Number. The number is on the back of your Club Card.







LLCH Wants to Help  

Thanks to our donors that include many individuals, businesses, and local churches, we have been able to sustain our efforts and will continue to operate throughout this year. 

If you know a business provding support to neighbors in our area that can benefit from our service of distributing Club Cards during this pandemic, please let them know what we are doing, and have them CONTACT US  on this website or ask them to call (916) 890-7777.